Building Bridges...                                 

                Lynn Ridenhour


Southern Baptist Minister

Bringing Together Reformation and Restoration Christians


Now it is in that spirit, in the spirit of seeking to draw people together and break down barriers that never should have been there in the first place, that my friend Lynn Ridenhour has devoted himself for three decades.

                    Dr. Robert L. Millet
BYU Professor

LYNN RIDENHOUR is a Southern Baptist minister who for these past twenty eight years has been preaching out of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He has a Master's degree in writing from the University of Iowa, with a PhD in literature. Dr. Ridenhour is not a convert to Mormonism. He is not a member of any of the various restoration groups; i.e., LDS, Community of Christ, Restoration Branches, or Remnant. Lynn is still a Southern Baptist minister.

His passion is building bridges. "I'm convinced...Book of Mormon Christians and Bible-believing Christians have far more in common than all our differences," says Ridenhour. "It's time we began celebrating our commonalities rather than continue to magnify our differences."

Dr. Ridenhour is the founder of Building Bridges Ministries, an organization dedicated to bringing together reformation and restoration Christians. He has held conferences up and down the Utah St. George, Mt. Pleasant, Draper, Sandy, and Taylorsville, as well as hosting conferences in Independence, MO. Dr. Ridenhour has spoken at BYU to the Religious Education faculty and at Graceland University. He also periodically teaches a class at Faith Bible College, Pentecostal-affiliated, a class titled "Restoration History and Spiritual Manifestations."

Lynn and his lovely wife, Linda, have been married forty three years. They have one daughter. She has two Master's degrees (a proud father here), teaches business classes in high school, as well as college.

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