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BYU Film Crew Setting Up

BYU film crew filming Lynn's sermon

Lynn preaching from the Book of Mormon in a Pentecostal Church in Independence, MO

On Wednesday, March 12th approximately 65 believers in Jesus Christ, brothers and sisters in the faith—some Pentecostal, some LDS, some Community of Christ, some Restoration Branch, some Remnant, and some Baptist—met together in Independence at a Pentecostal church to worship the same Jesus. What a wonderful experience. The BYU TV camera crew was there to film the service. I preached a sermon on “Standing on Common Ground.” Below is the 28 minute sermon. His blessings, Lynn

Book of Mormon Conference in Independence
a Great Success!

Lynn preaching in LDS Church
at Conference

Hundreds Attend...
From various factions - LDS, CofC, Restoration Branches, Remnant

 Lynn's latest sermon

"Seeing and Entering the Kingdom"
Preached 2/16,2014
Community of Christ Church


The "School of Healing and Impartation" Conference
in Springfield, MO

Bill Johnson Ministering


  My wife and I just arrived back home from the "School of Healing and Impartation" week-long conference held in Springfield, MO. There were 14 of us restoration believers who attended, along with approximately 1,000 brothers and sisters from all denominations.

  The best adjectives I have to describe this week are: Remarkable. Incredible, Once-in-a-lifetime. Extraordinary. Life-changing. And so goes the list.

  Our featured speakers were Randy Clark and Bill Johnson...and there were others. Ministers with Master's of Divinity and Doctors of Divinity degrees, as well as having had decades of experience in the ministry.

  We heard no "strange" doctrine taught. All the speakers were very sound,  with a solid scriptural background.

  What was "strange," however, (and I use the word, meaning "out of the norm") was the extraordinary demonstrations following the speakers.

  In the Thursday and Friday evening worship services, we witnessed over 400 healings! We saw blind eyes open. Deaf ears open. We saw knee cartilage miraculously restored. Ankle tendons healed. Arthritic hands healed. Head trauma caused by accidents healed. The mentioning of these few healings are but a "drop in the bucket."  As said, in two services we witnessed over 400 healings.

  After the benediction prayer was pronounced and we were dismissed, I leaned over and said to one of my restoration brothers, "Now we know what the first conference was like."

  We truly came back home rejoicing. Lynn 

Preached at Compass Community of Christ Church
Gardner, KS
"Keys that unlock the kingdom"

Lynn preaches at Faith Bible College
Pentecostal College, Independence, MO
"The Presence: The Four Visits"

Lynn preaching at the Highlands
7615 N. Platte Purchase Drive
Kansas City, MO

"The Western Mindset: Hindrances to the Miraculous"
Lynn's sermon at the Highlands

The Historical Stone Church
Independence, MO

"Christ's Infinite Atonement" by Dr. Robert Millet
Given at Stone Church, Independence, MO

Lynn preaching at Stone Church
"What I have discovered about the Restoration Movement as a Baptist Minister"

"...And the Lord says,They [the two sticks] shall be one in mine hand..."
Ezekiel 37:19

Lynn Ridenhour
Southern Baptist Minister

"God cares about people more than he cares about 'truth' in the abstract.
Jesus didn't die on the cross to make a point.
He died on the cross to save people he loves."
John Stackhouse
evangelical scholar/writer

"There is something deeper than our religious convictions,
deeper than our theology, and that is our humanity.
People matter. People's feelings matter. People matter more than anything.
Christ was in the business of people."
Bob Millet
BYU  Professor of Ancient Scripture

Lynn Preaches in Salt Lake

Hear Lynn's sermon, "I'm Looking for a Church to Join,"
given to 200 LDS brothers and sisters in Salt Lake City.
Lynn reads "Statement of Repentance"

Just finished my 33nd book...

              Historical Meeting in Independence!

Lynn Ridenhour sharing from Book of Mormon at Faith Bible College,
Pentecostal college in Independence, MO

Roy Browne, Community of Christ Elder,
sharing his Pentecostal experience at Faith Bible College

Book of Mormon believers worshipping

Linda Ridenhour, Book of Mormon believer,
sharing her Pentecostal experience

Book of Mormon believers ministering healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit!

Lynn teaching restoration history from church volumes
at Faith Bible College, Independence, MO.

It's a great day in Zion!

Lynn speaking to BYU Faculty

My Calling
  • Bridge Building, and
  • Bringing back neglected restoration truths

My passion is building bridges. I believe Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians have far more in common than all our differences. Are there differences? Of course. But it's time we began celebrating our commonalities rather than continue to magnify our differences.

    In essentials...Unity
  In non-essentials...Liberty
     In all things...Charity

Lynn's New Release!

189 pages

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ow times change. In the 1830s you could hardly find a saint who had not spoken in tongues. Today you can hardly find a restoration saint who speaks in tongues. The spiritual gift is practically unknown. I need to rephrase that: fifteen or twenty years ago the gift was rarely known. Today I have personally met hundreds of Book of Mormon believers who speak in tongues. There is a remarkable resurgence of the gift occurring among restoration believers. This book explores that awakening.

  On November 14, 1832, Zebedee Coltrin writes that he “came to Kirtland to Brother Joseph Smith and heard him speak with tongues and sing in tongues also.” Joseph in his revelation on March 8, 1831 at Kirtland, Ohio, says “these gifts (tongues and interpretation) come from God, for the benefit of the children of men.

  The early saints believed that speaking in tongues gave witness that the restoration of the ancient gospel had returned. Speaking in tongues confirmed to them that they had been accepted by God. Speaking in tongues to them was their way of communing with Him and to feel His power in their midst.

  George A. Smith records the true heart-felt cry of most saints today:

There were great manifestations of power, such as speaking in tongues, seeing visions, administration of angels. Many individuals bore testimony that they saw angels, and David Whitmer bore testimony that he saw three angels passing up the south aisle, and there came a shock on the house like the sound of a mighty rushing wind, and almost every man in the house arose, and hundreds of them were speaking in tongues, prophesying or declaring visions, almost with one voice. (Journal of Discourses, 26 vol. 11:10.)

  Such sentiments are rekindling today! It’s happening. Though these are the worst of times, these are the best of times. More than a few of today’s saints are returning to and longing for the experiences of the early Kirtland saints, despite the present direction of the Church.

My Words
They are Spirit and They are 


          178 PAGES
       $12 (includes shipping)

  Two things move me: the miracles of our Lord and the power of the testimony.

  In this book I have followed the Lord through the four gospels and have pondered his miracles. Every one of our Lord’s healings and miracles recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are included. There’s just something about meditating on, pondering, our Lord’s miracles. Something happens in our spirit.

  As we read about the miracles of our Lord, one thing stands out: Jesus performs every healing, every miracle, as a man! A man filled with the Spirit of God. Here’s what moves me. Our Lord models for you and me in the gospels what one human being can do—what’s possible when we are totally surrendered to the Father’s will. Jesus only said and did what he saw his Father say and do (Jn.5:19; 12:49).

  I’m convinced we struggle with this one simple, but profound fact: Jesus did not do one miracle as God. He did all his miracles as the Son of Man. I must confess—for most of my Christian life I simply assumed Jesus performed miracles as the Son of God. He didn’t. Paul tells us, writing to the believers in Phillipi, that our Lord laid aside his powers of divinity (Phil.2). He humbled himself and became a servant in the likeness of men. Jesus did not lay aside his divinity. He laid aside his powers. In other words, he performed all his miracles, his healings, as a man. As our elder brother.

  And that’s exactly what reading the four gospels does to me. They challenge me. These stories shout out: you can do it too!

  I said—two things move me: the miracles of our Lord and the power of the testimony. I’m greatly moved by the testimonies of the early saints, as well as the testimonies of today’s saints. For these past ten years my wife and I have been privileged to become acquainted with restoration believers who are experiencing a resurgence of supernatural encounters. They are experiencing a visitation of the Spirit similar to that of the days of the Kirtland outpouring. I share some of these experiences.

Lynn's Brand New Release!

94 pages - $10 (Includes shipping)

  What happened to Joseph Smith's persecutors? Few realize his persecutors died terrible deaths. Men's flesh actually rotted upon them while they were alive. Before crossing the Mississippi River on June 22nd, 1844, Joseph prophesied the fate of those who were persecuting the saints in Nauvoo:

  "At 6 pm I prophesied that in the sickly seasons sickness would enter into the house of the mob and vex them until they fain repent in dust and ashes. They will be smitten with the scab."

  Touch Not Mine Anointed takes a good hard look at the judgment of God that comes upon those who "touch His anointed."
Lynn's New Release!

100 pages - $11 (includes shipping)
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  I have a father, brothers, children, and friends who have gone to a world of spirits. They are only absent for a moment. They are in the spirit, and we shall soon meet again…When we depart, we shall hail our mothers, fathers, friends, and all whom we love, who have fallen asleep in Jesus…it will be an eternity of felicity.
                                                                                                                    Joseph Smith

  As I went through the throng, the first person I recognized was my grandpa, H.P. Jensen, who was sitting in one end of the room, writing. He looked up, seemed surprised to see me and said, 'Why! There is my granddaughter, Ella.' He was very much pleased, greeted me and, as he continued with his writing, I passed on through the room and met many of my relatives and friends……Some seemed to be in family groups……Some inquired about their friends and relatives on the earth. Among this number was my cousin.

                                                                                                                       Ella Jensen

I found myself standing with my back to a large and beautiful lake, facing a great forest of trees. I realized, or seemed to realize, that I had finished my work in mortality and had gone home.

                                                                                                             George Albert Smith

It's Here!

                                                     189 pages
                               $15 (includes shipping & handling)
     "Chasing Healing" tells the story of Lynn's passionate pursuit of healings and miracles. "It is unnatural for the Christian to not hunger for the impossible," says Dr. Ridenhour. A book you will enjoy, for sure.

196 pages

  “Around the World in 80 Days” is the perfect title for this book for two reasons: 1) We are indeed going “around the world” regarding our subject matter, and 2) we’re dealing with current-day issues that affect the Body of Christ. Though my specific audience is restoration believers, what I have to say is addressed to the Church at large. My desire is to raise issues that are currently before us.

  We live (or stay alive) by every word that proceeds—not “proceeded”—from the mouth of God. God’s words of yesterday will not do. What God said to the Church last year or last month will not do. We need fresh revelation, present truth. We’re shooting in the wind, riding waves of speculation, relying upon men’s opinions and political correctness, if we hear not the voice of the Lord for this present hour.  Never in the history of the Church is there a more urgent time for God’s people to understand what the Spirit is saying.

    My daily prayer from the moment I climb out of bed and put my feet on the floor is, “Lord, give me an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say (not said) this day to the churches (Rev.3:22).

   These cacophonies of essays have come from a broken heart, a heart that’s hungry for God. A heart that cries out. Without the Spirit breathing fresh revelation into our souls and without the fire of God in our bosoms, we’re destined for mediocrity. And that would be tragic.

202 pages

   A young man called me the other day and said, “Brother Lynn, I’m reading for the first time our church history. I didn’t know it was like this! All those miracles and supernatural experiences.” He called me to thank me for “turning him on” to the rich heritage of the saints’ history that’s recorded in those eight volumes.

    I told him, “Brian, I have been bathing my soul in those stories for 28 years.”

   “So the Mighty Wheel Rolls On” is a collection of those stories and encounters of the early saints taken directly from church history volumes. You will enjoy these incredibly uplifting stories

162 pages

    Recently I came across some personal journals and autobiographies of the early saints that are rather rare. Fascinating stories told by those who personally knew the prophet, Joseph. You will enjoy these! Here's an excerpt...

    In the latter part of the summer of 1837 I had the great pleasure of being introduced to, and entertaining, the beloved prophet, Joseph Smith, with Sidney Rigdon and T. B. Marsh. I said to myself, "O Lord, I thank thee for granting the desire of my girlish heart, in permitting me to associate with prophets and apostles." On shaking hands with Joseph Smith, I received the Holy Spirit in such great abundance that I felt it thrill my whole system, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I thought I had never beheld so lovely a countenance. Nobility and goodness were in every feature. --Mary Isabella Hales, journal

191 pages
$15 (Includes shipping & handling)

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Angels in the Woodshed is about true stories of present-day healings, miracles, and supernatural encounters. Dr. Ridenhour shares his experiences with the living Christ...the Christ who raises the dead, opens the sight of the blind, and heals incurable diseases in our day. Lynn has witnessed such miracles. "Most of my friends don't believe in miracles," says Dr. Ridenhour. "They don't leave much room for God in their thinking or in their daily lives. I saw my first miracle back in 1960."  

"If you want to walk in the supernatural, see miracles and experience healings, and see how it's done, this is the book to read." --Gina Munzlinger

Lynn's book on the reality of demon spirits is here!

106 pages

  “Lynn, I need help. Billy [his son] is manifesting demons.” I could tell Brother Conrad was nervous. I didn’t know what to say. I had never seen demons manifested before. I had read about them in the Bible. I said, “I’ll be right over.”

  Dr. Ridenhour explores the reality of demon spirits from not only the perspective of Scripture and restoration church history, but also from personal experience. The author was set free, delivered from 47 demon spirits. His grandmother was a practicing witch and performed occult rituals of white magic on her grandson.

  This book is gripping, powerful, and telling. “The Lord is moving mightily in our day among restoration believers. Neglected truths such as the baptism in the Holy Spirit and manifestations of the Holy Spirit are being renewed. Renewed truths, however, bring renewed challenges,” says Dr. Ridenhour

  The saints must be armed to deal with demon spirits.

It's Back!

108 Pages - $10 (Includes tax & shipping)
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     It’s back! The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon.”  I wrote it in 1985…primarily to convince a few of my Protestant buddies. To help them better understand that Joseph Smith was a “born again” brother in the faith, and that the Book of Mormon in places is “more Baptist” than the Baptist hymnal!

     Little did I know that The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon would become more wide spread among restoration believers than among my Protestant buddies. My Baptist friends thought it was a clever title but never much took to the book. Not so with Book of Mormon believers. “The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon” has circled the globe.

     Back in 1985, I read the Book of Mormon for the very first time. As a Baptist minister, I kept thinking as I would read a passage, “I believe that! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a book that listed all these verses that are cardinal Protestant doctrines!” I searched and searched for such a book and never found it, so I wrote it. “The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon” lists over 300 Book of Mormon verses that have to do with: the born again experience, salvation, redemption, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, repentance, faith, the blood of Jesus, and grace. In other words, those key Protestant doctrines found in the Book of Mormon.

It's Here!

 159 pages

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Dr. Ridenhour has written perhaps his best book. Certainly his most candid.

The Shekinah Glory represents a prophetic challenge for restoration believers to come forth and claim their birthright – to become a People of God’s Presence.  Dr. Lynn Ridenhour courageously addresses the issues that divide the various restoration factions and offers a perspective that can bring us together in love.  One cannot read this book without experiencing an intense desire to repent that we too might have the privilege of being in God’s Presence. 
                                 Richard Rupe

    In 2010, I had an experience with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and Abba-God, the Father, at Cheville chapel at Graceland.  I was led to pray for a three-fold cord (Eccles. 4:12). The joining together of the Restoration Movement, the Prayer/Prophetic Movement, and the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement.  Dr. Lynn Ridenhour embodies this joining together with his personal life, his Bridge-Building ministry, and his calling as a spiritual father.  His book gives me a new term—“Tabernacle Christian"—one focused on God's Presence and on God's great in-gathering.  I heartily recommend this book to Restoration Saints and others.  It is time for us to  rise up, and reclaim our Spirit-filled, Kingdom-building heritage.

                        Dr. Randall Q. Lawrence, D. Pr. M.
                        Co-facilitator of Faith Bible College "School of the Prophets

   Dr. Ridenhour’s refreshing insights into the modern Restorationist’s role in the world today make for lessons that gracefully hit their mark. Pleasant and engaging, his folksy tone gently opens the heart in a way so that tender issues might be bridged. Issues like: How to reconcile Restorationist gospel truths. How to worship with Passover and Pentecostal saints. Without false unity or false hope. How to minister grace that transforms a heart. Find the Shekinah Glory and live in the Manifested Presence of GOD. All questions that are answered in this well-written, timely book.

           Dr. Ridenhour covers a range of meaningful issues. And explores them with much grace and understanding. You’re going to love this book!

                                                                                                                                                                                            Gina Browne

   As far as I’m concerned, this is my husband’s finest book. Captivating but thorough. Hard-hitting but honest. Tender but candid. Lynn guides the reader through a maze of experiences—through church history, through personal experiences, through Israel’s timeline of glory, and in so doing, creates in us an insatiable hunger for the glory of God.

   I read “The Shekinah Glory” straight through. Thank you, sweetheart, for writing this book.

                                                                                                                        Linda Ridenhour

                   A great read!

148 pages
($10, includes shipping)
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I used to believe all Catholics were going to hell. Mormons were certainly going to hell. But God set me up. By mistake (or was it?) I moved my family into Harvest Hills in Independence, MO, an RLDS community, back in the mid-‘80s. I thought I had moved us into a Christian community. Until one evening a neighbor knocked on our door and handed me a Book of Mormon. “Sir, that’s a Book of Mormon!” I replied, more than a little shocked. I took the book out of courtesy for the sole purpose of showing my neighbor how “dumb” he was “falling for this stuff.” The rest is history. I didn’t get out of the first page. I knew I was reading the divine Word of God. I had a Parley P. Pratt experience.

“Oh, No! Catholics, Now the Mormons!” chronicles my spiritual journey, sharing with the reader how I came to embrace Catholics and Book of Mormon believers as my brothers and sisters. A collage of issues are addressed: i.e., why is it that the Spirit-filled charismatic/prophetic movement accepts “Spirit-filled Catholics” but still struggles to embrace Book of Mormon believers. Why there are no Second-Class Citizens in the kingdom. For instance, the Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors tend to think the RLDS and fundamentalist Protestant pastors are second class citizens in the kingdom, for they don’t hear the voice of the Lord. The RLDS and fundamentalist Protestant pastors, on the other hand, are prone to think the Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors are second class citizens in the kingdom, for they aren’t grounded in doctrine. And I share some personal stories of present-day visitations of the Spirit. Book of Mormon believers are experiencing an outpouring. I talk about that.

And much more…

Blessings, Lynn

153 Pages
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How unexpected that a scholar not institutionally affiliated with the Latter-day Saint movement can promote the Book of Mormon's self-stated purpose: “To the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself to all nations.” The world needs this testimony now more than ever and Dr. Ridenhour gives it eloquent voice.

Arthur L. Gardner, Dept. of History and Political Science
Graceland University, Professor Emeritus

Most of my friends either really love what I do or they really don’t love what I do. I understand. When you’re in the trenches, you get shot at from both sides and both sides want you to come out on their side. But I have chosen to stay in the trenches. To listen to both sides. And, more importantly, not take sides. Too long evangelicals and Mormons have been talking at one another, not to one another. I’ve decided, as a Baptist minister, to offer the olive branch (p.137).

It's here!
312 Pages
$16 (Order by clicking "Bookstore")

  Testimonies from Book of Mormon Believers

   (Excerpts from book)

I have two anchors, two times that God met me in an unmistakable way: the day when he first entered my life when I was 17, and
the day I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at the RLDS gathering at Odessa.
                                                                                                                       Mark Thomase

I began to feel the power of God welling up within my spirit when I spoke in my prayer language...This precious gift of speaking in tongues is part of our movement, part of our heritage, and part of our lives.
                                                                                                                   Marilyn Slauter

I had a wonderful experience and many subsequent experiences, feeling myself being “filled with the Spirit.” I spoke in tongues and allowed the Holy Ghost to change my heart every day. I couldn’t get enough of my time alone with the God of the universe.
                                                                                                                                                                              Tere Foster

The Lord gave me words to use whenever I need them or whenever He wants me to speak them. I still don’t really understand it all, but I do know that God gave me this language and I praise Him for it.
                                                                                                         Linda McDonald

This intense rejoicing, praise and worship was completely unlike anything I’d ever heard or experienced. These words were in English, yes, but I wasn’t forming any forethought or structure or syntax before I spoke; every phrase just gushed out as I gave it breath. All I need do was “breathe in” and the words just floated in the air out of me. And this was not in the English that I knew; it was perfect. It was like the English in my Bible—in my King James Bible!
                                                                                          Gina Browne

I simply told the Lord that I knew I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but I wanted to have a prayer language and asked him to give me that gift. As soon as I finished the prayer, I opened my mouth (in faith) and a new language came out of my mouth. I have prayed and sang in tongues since that time.
                                           Gay Spalding


157 Pages
$10 (Includes shipping & handling)
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Lynn's journey...
  • From Sin to Salvation
  • From "Getting High" to No High like the Most High!


96 pages
$10 (Includes shipping & handling)
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All About Joseph is a fast read, exciting, entertaining, and informative.

Dr. Ridenhour examines Joseph Smith, the man, His Theology, His Manifestations,
And His Eschatology, and concludes the restoration gospel is the Sign of the Son of Man
in these last days (Mt.24:30). The gospel according to Joseph Smith is the gospel of His presence.


  333 pages!

Filled with restoration church history

        Anecdotes of bravery
    A fast read

        Reports of God moving in our day

$16.95 (includes shipping & handling)
Click "Bookstore" to order

Lynn Ridenhour speaks with a clear prophetic voice. It doesn't matter if you are an evangelical Christian, a Mormon, a member of some other religious tradition or just a seeker after truth, Lynn's writing will challenge you to see God and God's people in a way you have never considered before. I unhesitatingly recommend this book. 

 Mark M. Thomase

Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Ridenour's clarion message shouts out like the trumpets of Israel in the valley of Jericho—bring down those divisive walls! Building bridges of understanding between devout and often divided LDS and Evangelical believers is the central theme of this book. Dr. Ridenhour makes a compelling argument that Jesus is our common Savior.

 I will have my LDS students study key truths from this book in my course on human diversity.

 Dr. James R. Birrell

Professor, Brigham Young University


        Documented with church history quotes

        Personal stories of early saints' visitations
    127 pages

$12 (includes shipping & handling)
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The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our day did not begin in 1900 out west in California on Azusa Street. It began in the Midwest in a little town called Kirtland, Ohio, sixty-four years earlier! The year was 1836. Most of my friends have never heard the marvelous story of the great outpouring that accompanied the early saints. It was a Pentecost, indeed, and a time of rejoicing. I would say...a time unparalleled in our day. So few of today's Christians know about it. Some call it: The Second Pentecost, a greater outpouring than the Feast of Pentecost that's described in the book of Acts.

                                                                                    (Quote from book by Lynn Ridenhour)

"The gifts which follow them that believe and obey the gospel...began to be poured out among us, as in ancient days...I spoke to the conference in another tongue...the Lord poured out his Spirit in a miraculous manner." -- Joseph Smith, RLDS Vol.1, p.277

  A great read!

$10 (Includes shipping & handling)

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Have you ever wondered about the future? Asked the question, How is the world going to end? Dr. Ridenhour chronicles a masterful critique of endtime events. You will learn: About the two heavens, the two resurrections, living forever on this earth, about the shechinah glory, and our full inheritance. And much more!

A fascinating read!

Dr. Ridenhour is a product of the Jesus Movement that occurred during the late '60s/early '70s. He was born for revival. This book chronicles the history of past revivals and demonstrates that personal revival is a sustained lifestyle.
"There were no backslidden Christians in the book of Acts," says Dr. Ridenhour.

$10 (Includes shipping & handling)

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($10, Includes shipping & handling)
126 pages
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Dr. Ridenhour chronicles a masterful critique of the spiritual manifestations of the early Saints.

"The Spirit of the Lord, as on the day of Pentecost, was profusely poured out. Hundreds of Elders spoke in tongues. We had a most glorious and never to be forgotten time. Angels were seen by numbers." Benjamin Brown

($12, Includes shipping & handling)
122 pages
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   Dr. Ridenhour defends the doctrine of supernaturalism and argues that the restoration gospel was founded upon historical theism. “I’m aware, the presence of miracles sometimes offends the existential and naturalistic mood of the day,” he says.

   The new view of theology coming down from the top of the temple cannot align itself with any current in the stream of historical theology, because it will not respect the teaching of Scripture at its face value. For the three-in-one to them does not contain “timeless divine truths” but a purely human testimony to the response evoked by Jesus Christ in preaching (which is the definition of liberalism). Scripture is true only to the degree in which it re-evokes an experience. The Book of Mormon was relevant for nineteenth century culture. Joseph’s vision of Zion was idiosyncratic of his times. Thus, the distinctives of the restoration movement are an embarrassment, not a blessing, to modern man.
             (Excerpt, Introduction)

    Dr. Ridenhour carefully refutes such notions.

                               Commonalities I Believe In...

"...Believe that you must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you." (RLDS Mosiah 2:16; LDS 4:10)  I believe that!

"…Now I say unto you, that ye must repent, and be born again: for the Spirit saith, If ye are not born again, ye cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven." (RLDS Alma 5:24; LDS 7:14) 
I believe that!

"…Yea, behold, I say unto you, that as these things are true, and as the Lord God liveth, there is none other name given under heaven, save it be this Jesus Christ of which I have spoken, whereby man can be saved." (RLDS II Nephi 11:39; LDS 25:20)
  I believe that!

"...We are made alive in Christ because of our faith." (RLDS II Nephi 11:46; LDS 25:25)  I believe that!

          Building Bridges Conferences

                              The Historic Mansion House
                 Independence, MO

The Mansion House is the perfect place to hold our meetings. Located within a mile from “The Square,” The Mansion House, (circa 1830) is one of the very few southern plantation homes left standing after the infamous Order No. 11 was executed. The once 260 acre farm which extended to Westport (the only road into Kansas City at the time) was the home of Preston Roberts, known to be the second wealthiest man in Missouri, later belonged to Samuel Ralston who was involved with the Quatrill and Frank James, the outlaw. The 5000 square feet home has been lovingly restored to its much-deserved stately condition, and is used for a bed & breakfast, wedding receptions, corporate functions, and other celebrations.

Dave and Paula Swayne, gracious hosts, are kind enough to extend to us from time to time the use of this much-loved Mansion.

                                           Book of Mormon Christians & Bible-believing Christians worshiping together!

                                                              Lynn & LDS Recording Artist, Dave Heslington from Utah
                                                                               Who led our worship. What talent!

                       "...building bridges..."


On left: Lynn Ridenhour standing in front of First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Pleasant, Utah, hosting Building Bridges Conference.
On right: (Left to right) Abigail Smith, Donnie Richardson, Lynn Ridenhour, Gina Browne, Gina Munzlinger. A Charismatic, Presbyterian, Baptist, an RLDS and LDS worhiping together.

                                 What Others Are Saying...

Lynn, You put on a WONDERFUL conference! It was simply heaven on earth to have so many present who longed to break down the barriers of denominational loyalty and find our place as brothers and sisters in the Lord. This what Zion is all about as we come together and experience the living Jesus Christ through worship, praise and adoration for our king! Prior to the Saturday session, Tommy and I met privately for prayer. We anointed each other with oil and prayed for the other that they may have the ability to open the heavens, allowing all of us to be blessed...and we were. Lastly, the music was simply heaven-sent, and our dear brother from Utah brought a ministry that was far and away some of the best music ministry I have ever experienced! Yours in Christ, Steve Ferguson, Evangelist, Community of Christ, Independence, MO.

Dear Lynn, God stirred my spirit. He filled my heart with compassion for Book of Mormon believers who hunger and thirst after Him. It happened at the Building Bridges Conference (Nov.4th & 5th). I am Pentecostal, my husband LDS. During our 21 years of marriage, it has always been obvious to us that there are glaring differences in our "religious" beliefs. Yet at the conference, as heaven opened up and the Spirit of God filled the room, our religious beliefs faded into the background, and the love of Jesus stood in their place. God had broken down denominational walls. God's glory truly abounded. Just one example. While different speakers spoke, the woman sitting next to me was rapidly writing what God was telling her. After she wrote the words, the speaker said the exact words that she had already written. A man sitting behind me revealed to another man what that man had dreamed the night before. Several Book of Mormon lovers received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Unity was everywhere! And a strong emotion in me surfaced. All of a sudden, I was filled with joy knowing that God is pursuing Book of Mormon believers...that His desire toward all of us is to experience a deep, intimate relationship with Him. Thank you, Lynn, for obeying God's call upon your life. Your obedience to God has been my answer to prayer for my husband and me. The intolerance I once had toward Book of Mormon believers has now been replaced with tenderness, for I recognize that Divine revelation is being poured out through the Holy Spirit's help. The Building Bridges Conference has been the means by which the positive change in my attitude has occurred. G.L., Overland Park, KS

Lynn's Ministry Itinerary

  • May 7th & 8th: Equipping Center, Gardner, KS
  • June 14th - 17th: Building Bridges Conference, St. George, Utah
  • June 19th - 23rd: CCM Celebration 2012, Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa
  • Sept. 9th, Community of Christ Church, Gardner, KS
  • Sept. 16th, Community of Christ Church, Lawrence, KS
  • Thursday evenings weekly, 8:20 PM, Faith Bible College, (Spring Semester, Teaches class on "The Restoration Movement and Spiritual Manifestations") Pentecostal College, Independence, MO
  • Friday evenings: Prayer & Praise home group, Blue Springs, MO
  • October 13th & 20th, Saturday evenings, 7 - 9 PM, Faith Bible College - Book of Mormon Believers share their Pentecostal Experiences - Open to Public, Free
  • October 6th & 28th (Sundays, 1:30 PM) Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa - sharing with students
  • November 10th, Faith Bible College
  • December 11th, New Walnut Park Church, Independence, MO
  • January 25th, 2013, Brigham Young University
  • February 9th, Remnant Church, Independence, MO
  • February 17th, Stone Church, Independence, MO
  • March 17th, Community of Christ Church, Lawrence, KS
  • May 19th, Seventeenth Street Community of Christ Church, St. Joseph, MO
  • June 15th & 16th, Stone Church, Independence, MO, 7 pm, "Preaching the Same Jesus," Featuring Dr. Robert Millet, BYU Professor & Lynn Ridenhour, Baptist preacher
  • July 26th - 28th, Weekend Retreat at Sycamore Springs, Sabetha, KS
  • August 17th, Faith Bible College, Independence, MO, 7 pm
  • September 15th, Sunday evening, The Highlands Community of Christ Church, KC, MO, 7 pm
  • November 16th, Saturday, youth event, "Catch the Fire: Free Music, Free Food, Free Jesus."  Family Life Center, Independence
  • November 20th, The Place, Kansas City
  • November 24th, Sunday morning, Compass Ministries, Gardner, KS
  • December 1st, Sunday evening, 7 pm, The Highlands Community of Christ Church, KC, MO
  • December 8th, Sunday morning, 10:30 am, Community of Christ Church, Lawrence, KS
  • January 19th, Sunday evening, 6 pm, Book of Mormon Roundtable, Stone Church, Independence, MO
  • February 16th, Sunday morning, Compass Ministries, Gardner, KS
  • March 7th & 8th, 2014, A Celebration of the Other Testament of Jesus Christ
  1. Friday Evening, 6 pm: LDS Independence Missouri Stake Center, Presiding: President Dennis Cato
  2. Saturday Morning Session, 9 am: The Remnant Church (Fred Larsen)
  • March 12th, Wednesday evening, 7 pm, Faith Bible College, Independence, MO
  • March  23rd, Sunday morning, Compass Ministries, Gardner, KS
  • April 13th, Sunday morning, Compass Ministries, Gardner, KS

       If interested in scheduling a Building Bridges Conference,

  email our office.

Lake Tapawingo, MO

"I have beheld His glory and I am encircled

about eternally in the arms of His love!"

2 Nephi 1:29

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