Honoring America Tour

Boyd Tuttle

President, Digital Legend

Three Modern-day Outpourings

A Message of Unity for Protestant Pastors

by "Charismatic" Baptist Minister

Under Construction

Larry Barge

Restoration Branch

Roy Browne

Elder, Community of Christ

 Lynn Ridenhour, President

"I believe Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians

have far more in common than all our differences. It's time we began

celebrating our commonalities rather than continuing to magnify

our differences." --Southern Baptist Minister

Building Bridges Ministries

Bible-believing Christians & Book of Mormon Christians Touring America Together



       Launching 2019 - Visiting every state in the nation

                "...building bridges of understanding..."

I can see this "tour" serving as a powerful vehicle of cooperation and Christian bonding and brotherhood between all parties. My mantra is going to be one of "bilateral ceasefire agreement," which is my (amusing) way of saying, "our missionaries won't poach your congregants and your people won't 'anti-Mormon' ours"...but rather in the spirit of mutual admiration and forgiveness on both sides. It's true, we have some shameful history from the past and we are still smarting over that. But it's time we let bygones be bygones and forgive one another our trespasses just as the Lord's prayer reminds us.

What Others are Saying

Mark Thomase

Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate

Father of two, grandpa of six, history and New Testament scholar and long-time youth minister. A proud Coloradan living in New England, my spiritual homes are the RLDS church, the Vineyard Movement, and wherever God's people assemble to worship. I am for unity of God's people.

Marilyn Slauter, teacher/evangelist

Richard Rosser

Community of Christ Pastor

              Dr. Keith Wilson

BYU Professor of Ancient Scripture

Lindsey Rietzsch, motivational speaker,

           author & entrepreneur