Building Bridges Ministries

Meet the Founder

Southern Baptist Minister, Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, for these past 30 plus years has been preaching out of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. "I believe Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians have far more in common than all our differences," says Ridenhour. "Are there differences? Of course. But it's time we began celebrating our commonalities rather than continuing to magnify our differences."

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Christians fellowshipping together under His Lordship,

not creed, class, or color.

Joining the TwoSticks

"They were in one, the children of Christ."

(4 Nephi 1:20)

Building Bridges Conferences


Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians coming together.          

Worshipping Together

Book of Mormon Christians


Bible-believing Christians


"Writing Made Fun"

Christian Writer's Seminar

Taught by Dr. Ridenhour

who has a Master's degree in writing

from the University of Iowa, with a PhD in literature,

former editor for Destiny Image, Christian publisher,

and author of 49 published books.