Building Bridges Ministries

June 1985 - First Friday night home group teaching held

in Roy and Gina Browne's basement, Harvest Hills Community, Independence, MO.

January 1993 - First informal praise and worship gathering held in Browne's basement. Our small home group had learned the distinction between ministry to one another and ministry unto Him. Both expressions of worship are valuable and legitimate. The issue is--to include both types of ministry.

February 2003 - Home groups grow. Worship and praise gatherings begin to branch out into additional homes. Body ministry and ministry unto Him continue to be sought and developed.

January 2005 - Building Bridges Ministries launched, a ministry dedicated to bringing together not only reformation and restoration Christians; but a ministry dedicated to bringing together Book of Mormon believers from the various restoration groups.

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Manna Ministries is a 501 -C3 non-profit charitable organization.

Donations are tax-exempt.

Everywhere Joseph Smith went,he built communities. We believe authentic Christianity

is an expression of both doctrine and community.

It's a new day! Saints are coming together. LDS, RLDS, Remnant, Restoration Branch saints. They're worshipping together. Exchanging pulpits. LDS sisters are preaching in Restoration Branch pulpits. Community of Christ brothers, in LDS pulpits. Baptists are preaching in Pentecostal church pulpits from the Book of Mormon while BYU TV channel films the service. I'll say it again...

It's a New Day!


It’s amazing what happens

when we come together.

Find out what drives us to do what we do.