It was both refreshing and provocative to understand the views of the LDS beliefs, as well as other denominations, in such a freeing and futuristic way. I applaud Lynn Ridenhour for his open answers to so many of the questions that plague each of us as we  search for the truth—and that truth is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of us all.
     Pastor Dave Boge
     First Presbyterian Church
     Mount Pleasant, Utah


Lynn in front of First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Pleasant, Utah

"...building bridges..."

Left to right: Abigail Smith, Donnie Richardson, Lynn Ridenhour, Gina Browne, and Gina Munslinger

A Charismatic, Presbyterian, Baptist, an RLDS and LDS worshipping together in one of our conferences.

                            The Historic Mansion House, Independence, MO


The Mansion House is the perfect place to hold our meetings. Located within a mile from “The Square,” The Mansion House, (circa 1830) is one of the very few southern plantation homes left standing after the infamous Order No. 11 was executed. The once 260 acre farm which extended to Westport (the only road into Kansas City at the time) was the home of Preston Roberts, known to be the second wealthiest man in Missouri, later belonged to Samuel Ralston who was involved with the Quantrill and Frank James, the outlaw. The 5000 square feet home has been lovingly restored to its much-deserved stately condition, and is used for a bed & breakfast, wedding receptions, corporate functions, and other celebrations.
     Dave and Paula Swayne, gracious hosts, are kind enough to extend to us periodically the use of this much-loved Mansion House in Independence, MO.

Bringing together Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians


Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians worshipping and praising in song

at one of our conferences, Mansion House, Independence, MO

     Lynn, you put on a wonderful conference! It was simply heaven on earth to have so many present who longed to break down the barriers of denominational loyalty and find our place as brothers and sisters in the Lord. This is what Zion is all about as we come together and experience the living Jesus Christ through worship, praise and adoration for our King! Prior to the Saturday session, Tommy [Protestant evangelist] and I met privately for prayer. We anointed each other with oil and prayed for the other that they may have the ability to open the heavens, allowing all of us to be blessed...and we were! Lastly, the music was simply heaven-sent, and our dear brother from Utah brought a ministry that was far and away some of the best music I have ever experienced!

     Yours in Christ,

     Steve Ferguson

     Evangelist, Community of Christ

     Independence, MO

                                      “…How Good and how Pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity!...”

Our Building Bridges Conference was a Friday night and all-day Saturday affair week before last (Aug 5th & 6th). In a nutshell, I was more than well pleased. The speakers were as sharp and interesting as they were diverse. It truly was a living witness of harmony in the midst of diversity. The Spirit was there.
     Friday night Gina Browne (RLDS background) opened the conference with a rousing talk on unity without conformity. And her two special songs were nothing less than “revival rousing.” Her rendition of “How Great Thou Art” brought us to our feet in prolonged applause.
     Following Gina Browne was Gina Munzlinger (LDS). She too gave a great witness of the resurrected Christ. It was so refreshing to have back to back speakers—both named “Gina” and both “cousins” in the faith. One RLDS (aka Community of Christ), the other LDS. Each hugging the other and sharing the same pulpit in love and unity. And both sharing the same Jesus.
     There was a head count of 78 there Friday night. Twenty-two LDS brothers and sisters caravanned to attend the conference, driving from Utah. They added so much to the spirit of the weekend. Without a doubt, stereotypes among LDS and RLDS were shattered. At least, cracked. Saturday morning we were blessed by Steve Ferguson’s (Community of Christ Evangelist) nothing short of incredible talk on the gospel of the kingdom. Man, can Steve preach! His talk was interrupted with spontaneous spurts of applause and “amens.”
     Following Steve’s stirring message was my dear hometown friend and brother in the faith, Tommy Tibbetts. Everyone loved Tommy! His love for the Master, his intimacy with Him, without embellishing, oozed from Tommy’s heart and life. My, what an example of the love of Christ! What a walking, living epistle. There are just some folks who seem to know the Lord a “notch above.” Tommy, because of the personal tragedies in his life, knows firsthand of the fellowship of His sufferings, and the power of His resurrection. Everyone can’t wait for Tommy to return.
     Tommy does have a rather remarkable resume. Before his conversion to Christ, Tommy rode with the “Outcasts,” a motorcycle gang more feared than the Hell’s Angels. Once converted, he never looked back. Tommy is a ten-year veteran of the International Convention of faith Ministers with Jerry Seville, Terry Mise, and Happy Caldwell. For over 16 years a member of International Charismatic Ministers Association with Oral Roberts University, as well as an ordained minister for 7 years with World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship under Pastor Rod Parsley. Tommy has appeared on TBN, Kenneth Copeland, and even the Phil Donahue show. But most of all, the most impressive thing about Tommy is his deep sense of humility and passion for His Savior.
     Credentials mean little to Tommy.
     And the best part? Tommy and I grew up together in the same town. We’re both from Belle—a sleepy little town on the edge of the Ozarks in the middle of Missouri, near the Gasconade River, the best catfish river in the world!
     Dave Muolo, Protestant pastor of City Church of Blue Springs, a youth church, gave a rousing trumpet call sermon on the need of bridging the generation gap between the youth of America and us adults.
     Larry Barge, former Lutheran and present member of Zion’s Hope (Restoration Branch) followed Tommy Saturday afternoon. Larry gave another rousing talk on his call to Africa. That evening Tommy spoke again—this time on “the blood trail” of our Lord.
     What can I say?
     And I finished the conference with a talk on “The Pain of Entering the Kingdom,” a message centered on the pain of laying down our traditions and prejudices that so often keep us separated as the Family of God. And that keep us from entering the kingdom life.
     And, of course, enough can't be said about the anointed singing of Dave Heslington! What a voice! What a life! Brother Dave, as recent as three or four years ago, was singing in bars and nightclubs. But the Lord reached down and truly touched this wonderful man's heart. I would describe Dave as a John Denver with an anointing! He writes his own songs, and how moving they are. The Spirit's presence exudes from this man's life and singing.
     Dan, Tommy’s cameraman, made the remark, “I’ve been in a lot of Christian meetings, but I have never felt love like this.” It was the first time Dan had been around Book of Mormon believers. God is so good!
     The stars of the show, no doubt, were not the speakers as much as they were the precious brothers and sisters like you who simply came. For some, it was a greater sacrifice than others. Especially for you wonderful brothers and sisters who drove over the mountains from Utah! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unending devotion. We’ll be back out your way!
     As said, for a “kick off,” I was really pleased.
     We’ve got some up and coming events scheduled here in Independence. Also some wonderful speakers tentatively lined up. For instance, we’re currently working on getting Robert Millet, BYU professor, to come to our next scheduled conference. Professor Millet has for the past year or so linked up with Pastor Greg Johnson, a Baptist minister from Manti, Utah. The two are ministering together, “building bridges” among Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians. I’m currently in correspondence with Pastor Johnson as well. He’s open to coming to our next conference. I’ll keep you informed.
     Our next “Building Bridges Conference” is scheduled on September 30 & October 1st. It will be held at Hilton Garden Inn here in Independence located just east of the Independence Center Mall on I-70.


Lynn Ridenhour speaks with a clear prophetic voice. It doesn't matter if you are an evangelical Christian, a Mormon, a member of some other religious tradition or just a seeker after truth, Lynn's writings and ministry will challenge you to see God and God's people in a way you have never considered before
     Mark M. Thomase
     Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary

Dear Lynn,
Thank you so much for coming out to SLC and being such a huge part of our little seminar. You were wonderful and are truly a man of God. We love you and would hope for many return visits. We had Kenneth Cope sign two of his CDs which we are sending you today in the mail. I hope you love them as much as we do. Thank you for helping us experience a little of what our ancestors experienced during the time of Joseph! What an incredible time it was. Thank you, dear brother, for obeying the voice of the Lord and ministering to us, your "starved" brothers and sisters here in Utah.
     Much love to you,
     Doug Mendenhall
     Mt. Pleasant, Utah

Building Bridges Ministries