Building Bridges Ministries

  • Friday Faculty Forum - 2013_1_25 - Lynn Ridenhour20:46



                              The Historical Stone Church, Independence, MO                                                                        Dr. Ridenhour and Dr. Millet at "tag team" event

                          What I have Discovered about the Restoration Movement (Part 1)                                                                What I have Discovered about the Restoration Movement (Part 2)                                         


                                                                                                                                                               Lynn preaches from Book of Mormon at Pentecostal Church in Independence, MO. BYU TV channel films.

                                          Lynn speaks to BYU Religious Faculty                                                        Pentecostals and Book of Mormon believers worshipping together.

                                "Four Reasons I was Attracted to the Restoration"                                               Lynn preaches on "Standing on Common Ground: 7 beliefs Pentecostals & restoration saints believe"

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