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"Reclaiming Your Spirit-led Heritage"

Resurgence of Present-day Spiritual Encounters

within the Restoration Movement

  Lynn Ridenhour teaching a class

A Word from Lynn...

I can’t remember when I ministered among restoration saints THAT hungry!  Perhaps the word is a bit crass, but it fits—they were like sponges! Spiritual sponges, hanging onto every word, enjoying every new experience. These past seven weeks was one of my greatest delights in ministry I think I’ve ever had.  And I’ve been doing this awhile—been preaching among God’s people since I was sixteen. That’s over 55 years. And  it  happened in the Center Place of Zion here in Independence...freedom of expression, singing that carried and brought the Spirit, speaking in tongues was given, as well as the interpretation, His Spirit hovering in our midst, a dramatic physical healing of a precious sister  who could hardly walk five steps, then run out of breath. Acute arthritic pain in her joints, her adrenals burnt out, a locked shoulder she suffered from for years, unable to lift her arm above her shoulderinstantly healed in front of everybody!  No arthritic pain, no shortness of breath, more energy than she’s had for years. She had come to the meeting that evening thinking seriously about making out her will. Today she’s rejoicing, coming to our meetings pain-free, loving and singing and praying daily in her new-found prayer language she received as a precious gift the night she was healed. The countenance on her face says it all.
     I could go on.
     I’m simply saying—truly the presence of the Lord was in this place. In our midst. We met at the old Chrisman Sawyer Bank located on the Independence square on the corner of Liberty and Lexington. 201 W. Lexington, to be exact.

S.W. corner of Independence Square

201 W. Lexington 

Below is a list of each Thursday evening’s teaching sessions. Seven weeks. Seven teachings. It’s our desire to share them with you. Simply click on the links and watch.

    Blessings as we labor together in His kingdom, Lynn Ridenhour

September 24, 2015
Theme: “It’s a New Day”
Subtheme: Saints from all backgrounds are coming together

October 1, 2015
Theme: “7 Common Beliefs shared with Pentecostals”
Subtheme: Protestants and Book of Mormon believers share common beliefs

October 8, 2015
Theme: “Two Baptisms”
Subtheme: The Within Baptism and The Without Baptism

October 15, 2015
Theme: “What Exactly Happened on the Day of Pentecost?”
Subtheme: Two Types of Tongues

October 22, 2015
Theme: “Reversing the Curse of Babel”
Subtheme: 4 Misconceptions about speaking in Tongues

October 29, 2015
Theme: “The Gospel of the Kingdom”
Subtheme: What is It?

November 12, 2015
Theme: “Glimpses from the Other Side”
Subtheme: Stories of early saints who died, went on over to the other side and came back to tell about it.

More YouTube Video Teachings to Come!...